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Neighbourhoods and homes provide the setting for most of our living, our leisure and our socialising. They are where we grow up, raise families and where we mature and grow old. The most significant financial investment most of us will ever make will be in a home. At Borgo Designs we try to make turn a house into a beautiful home where after a day’s hard work you comeback and feel happy to be with your family .
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Istitutional & Public Spaces

Institutional and public spaces like hospitals are complex structures to say the least. A concise combination of form and function; of societal need and cultural nuance. They are an integral part of every society on earth. At first glance, the physical appearance of a hospital pales in significance to the general layout, but studies have proven that the exterior and interior of a hospital can have a dramatic effect on the healing process. The aesthetics set the mood for the way people experience the building. If an aesthetic … makes the people feel good; the patients, the staff and the visitors; the better the healing and work process.” In the past, there was an opinion that hospitals should be viewed as a technical or science-led machine. The opinion was that the more scientific it looked, the better the hospital was. But we learned that was exactly the opposite of what made people feel good. Hospitals have always been a place of intense pressure, traumatic experience and apprehension. The impression a hospital leaves on its patients can make a huge difference to the process of recuperation.
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The hospitality industry is in the middle of a wholesale transformation. Hotels are remaking themselves with more social spaces and locally inspired designs to appeal to the tastes of today’s travelers. Through our work with hotel owners we follow few design principles like understanding the Value of Place, Enlivening Interiors and Authenticity. These principles lead to spaces that draw people in and keep them coming back. Our goal is to create unique, engaging spaces that are timeless.
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Offices & Showroom

We understand that workspaces are a business tool. An office environment reflects and reinforces a business’s core values, through the placement of different teams and functions and design elements that reflect culture, brand, and values. Workspaces should flex to provide a variety of spaces and destinations for workers to inhabit that promote movement throughout the day. Where you work matters: An office can impact employees' performance, mood and efficiency.
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